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A better transaction method


Accept instant cashless payment

CheckPay Global enables merchants to accept instant cashless payment via mobile devices. A static QR code will be displayed for customer to scan. When the customer scans this code and key in the amount, the transaction is finalized. Alternatively, merchants can generate a dynamic code that consumers scan for instant payment. It’s a new era for the payment industry.

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Stay one step ahead of the competition

Credit cards were a huge paradigm shift for merchants. Businesses who failed to adapt to this new transaction method were left in the dark. Today, another change in commerce is taking place. In many countries, WeChat and AliPay are used instead of credit cards or cash. We offer a solution that allows any business to stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Attract customers and increase revenue

The ability to capitalize on new, foreign transaction methods will open doors in almost every business faction of our increasingly global economy. Accept money from WeChat, AliPay, or HelloChat and your company will never miss these valuable revenue opportunities.

One platform for all payments

From physical stores to online storefronts and mobile apps, accepting payments is easy and seamless.
Delight customers, build loyalty and increase revenue

Faster Checkout

Save your customer’s time. Payments are completed within three seconds, so shoppers can simply scan and go.

Boost Sales

Our Location based technologies take previous purchases and the customers' location into account to raise your revenue in a breeze! Coming Soon.

Accept AliPay and Wechat Pay

Our payment codes are application agnostic, you can start accepting our official partners WeChat Pay and AliPay right out of the box!

Fraud Protection

Low chargebacks rate. Decreased merchant liabilities. Higher approval rates. Tightened security

Better Engagement

Expand your reach and increase foot traffic using HelloChat’s social and marketing capabilities.

Lower rates

Pricing begins at only $0.30 per transaction. Saving is earning.


Food and Beverages

CheckPay Global has implemented additional features to benefit the restaurants and nightlife companies that use our system. Instantaneous cashless payment makes bars and eateries more efficient. We also offer smart advertising to highlight the cashless payment dining options closest to our customers (which increases your foot traffic).



Our cashless payment system allows foreign tourists to access your business – without the need for currency exchanges. CheckPay Global allows you unprecedented access to a new target demographic. We even feature the best companies on our application to help drive additional traffic to your place of business.

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Anyone in the retail industry knows that long lines can harm sales. Instant cashless payment handled via mobile devices will cut your customer’s wait time in half. Our consolidation of financial information allows for quick and easy analysis. It’s never been so seamless to identify the top/bottom-selling products in your business.

Ready to get started?

If you have questions, we have your answers. The CheckPay team is always happy to assist our customers in any way necessary. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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At CheckPay, we believe in making payments easier for everyone. For more information, just get in touch via email at or phone at 604.271.0879