CheckPay Gateway


Accept digital payments


CheckPay Global is a one-stop solution for all your online payment processing needs. This core platform enables you to process payment from point-of-sale machines, credit cards, WeChat Pay, AliPay, and more.

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Streamline growth


CheckPay Gateway consolidates every financial transaction(from digital transfer to cash purchase) so you can streamline bookkeeping. At the touch of a button, managers can now understand their sales on a granular level.

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Integrate easily


CheckPay Gateway is a developer-friendly, plug-and-play service that allows for integration. Our global platform simplifies all your technical financial details. Gateway pays business owners in the most valuable currency that exists today – time.

Data dashboard that equips you with in-depth customer insights to increase revenue


View of your online business with payments data from the entire payment flow. By understanding your data, you can increase payment success rates, block fraud, and reward loyal customers.

Let us make life easier for you

(While you make life easier for your customer)


CheckPay Gateway’s payment process


A customer on your website adds an item to their cart. They enter the necessary information to complete their order and presses “Submit” to finalize the transaction.


CheckPay Gateway security processes the customer’s payment information and sends the financial details to your processing system via encrypted messaging. The payment processing system indicates whether the payment was accepted or declined.


The customer receives a “Thank You For Your Order” message and is re-directed to your website. You get a new in-coming order!

Ready to get started?

If you have questions, we have your answers. The CheckPay team is always happy to assist our customers in any way necessary. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Tel: +1 (604) 271-0879

At CheckPay, we believe in making payments easier for everyone. For more information, just get in touch via email at or phone at 604.271.0879